Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Territorial Dispute

One of the side lights of our recent birding trip to Camella Homes in Bulakan was a dispute between two birds over a stick.  I was shooting the Jacanas when I overheard Cynthia say "nag-aaway".  I looked up and saw that the Blue-tailed Bee Eater that I was shooting a few minutes prior was engaged in a battle with a Whiskered Tern.  Actually, the first one to occupy the said perch is this bird, which I believe is a Clamorous Reed Warbler.  

Soon, the Blue-tailed Bee Eater arrived.
This is mine now!

True to its nature, the Bee Eater would perch for a several seconds then fly away and then return to the same perch.  It would do this over and over.

During one of the times that it left the perch, a Whiskered Tern usurped the perch...and I will let the photos tell the rest of the story...

Now it's mine...

Ang hirap pala bumalanse dito...

Bee Eater: Akin yan!  Tern: Bakit, may titulo ka?


Alis, sabi eh!

Bee Eater: Pag di ka umalis, kakagatin kita!
Tern: Aalis na!

Lalaban ka?!

Hindi ako takot sa 'yo kahit malaki ka!

Pangit!  Mas pangit ka!

This went on for several minutes until the Tern, gave up... perhaps realizing that the bamboo pole was not worth all the stress and aggravation...

Bee Eater: babay!

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