Sunday, July 15, 2018

Delubyo (Armchair) Birding

To say that ''it has been raining cats and dogs'' the past few days is probably an understatement. The word ''delubyo'' is probably a more apt description of the weather. In fact several flights were cancelled and this morning there was a landslide on the road going to the airport. A landslide is something that is uncommon in Coron. Any plans of birding was quickly shelved.

I was having a rather late lunch at our bar when I saw both the male and female sunbirds dart to some plants. Decided to get my camera and tripod. While setting up, the male bird perched in one of the ornamental banana blossoms but as I was still fumbling with the tripod, I wasn't able to get good shots. So I went back to my adobong pusit all the while keeping my ears open. And as if the rains weren't enough, a really strong downpour occurred for several minutes. But when the rain abated a bit, my friend was back and we had a photo shoot. Presenting...our resident male Olive-backed Sunbird. Local name Chiwit or Siwit. The bird that this blog is named after...

Olive-backed Sunbird, locally called Chiwit

After almost an hour of alternating rain and photo shoot, we bade each other goodbye and resumed our daily tasks - me to my office to work, and him to the ornamental banana blossoms to feed. 


  1. So jealous! I haven't been out birding!!!! Buti na lang may resident Chiwit kayo sa Darayonan <3