Monday, March 31, 2014

Paz Island revisited...

The last time I was in Paz Island was on May 27 and 29 last year when our company, Darayonan Lodge celebrated its 15th anniversary with a picnic (in two batches) to this island.  During those two days, I did some quick birding and was able to capture in a photo two birds that I had previously seen but never photographed decently - The Black Naped Oriole and the Pink Necked Green Pigeon.

The day after the Miss Universe visit, I was on the way to Paz Island to accompany a tour group led by a friend and his officemates.  I brought along my tripod and my telephoto lens.  When we got to the island, we were only the second banca to arrive so we had the place virtually to ourselves.  It was such a glorious sunny day, and the clouds, the sea, the sand were so beautiful, I could not resist taking photos. 

I was so busy entertaining the guests that I was not able to sneak out and do some birding.  But sometime in the afternoon, two Barn Swallows perched on a nearby driftwood so I did not go home with zero results (like in Banuang Daan).  And while this is not a lifer, it is an addition to my BY2014 list.

Barn Swallow

My first bird photo in about half a month and probably only my fifth bird for BY2014 for the month of March... I wonder what is the latest tally...  

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