Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Holy Week "Dad-time with my boys" (and Birding!) in Coron (part 2)

After our Sunday outing, I scheduled a birding trip to Capayas the following day.  Upon hearing it, Luis immediately said he will go with me. He borrowed his Ate Ella's SLR and my old 70-300 lens and was thinking of trying to get bird photos.  Leon, on the other hand, at first said no, but after hearing that we will bird in a forested area, said he will come with us. (I first brought him birding at the recalimed area and was so disappointed when we did not see much.  He never wanted to go birding again). Needless to say, I was excited. Dina, a college friend who now has a vacation house in Coron, texted asking if I have any scheduled birding trips because she and her husband, Trevor, would like to join.  

Monday came and I was up at 5:45am. But my two young birding buddies didn't want to get up and sleepily told me, to go without them. Needless to say, I was deflated.  Then I got a text from Dina that she could not go due to some busted water pipe at their house.  So in the end, it was me with Trevor, a first time birder and an Aussie.  

I picked up Trevor and off we went to Capayas.  When we got to Erwin's house, we immediately saw a bunch of Blue Paradise Flycatchers flying around and making noise at the mango tree. 
A couple of male Blue Paradise Flycatchers about to square off against each other

And one by one the usual suspects started to show up. Trevor and i started clicking away.

White-vented Shama

Yellow-throated Leafbird

Ashy-fronted Bulbul

After some time, we decided to go to nearby Capayas Creek Bird Preserve with the hope that we will meet the resident Kingfishers so that Trevor can see them.  Along the way, we saw a Black-naped Monarch, Palawan Bulbul, and a Black-naped Oriole. But the Kingfishers were a no show.  Even the Palawan Blue Flycatcher and the Palawan Flowerpecker did not make any appearance. I was hoping to see the Philippine Cuckoo Dove but I guess it is one of those days.

We made our way back to Erwin's house and heard a Black Hooded Pitta along the way.  The Blue Paradise Flycatchers were still there.
Another photo of a male Blue Paradise Flycatcher

A female Blue Paradise Flycatcher (notice the difference in colors)

Then a pair of Scaly Breasted Munias made an appearance. 

Scaly Breasted Munia

The Ashy Fronted Bulbul kept coming back and came really close.

Then, it was time to go.   But after I had packed by camera, Erwin suddenly exclaimed, "Malkoha, darwa!"  (meaning two Malkohas).  He ran to the back of his house with me in tow.  I saw a glimpse of one through a hole in the leaves and fired a couple of shots.  I could see the bird skulking in one of the branches.  And then suddenly they both transferred to another tree.

Chestnut Breasted Malkoha

Not really an open shot but I like it nevertheless. First time I was able to get a pair in one photo. Wish my two boys saw it.



  1. aaaw, lovely photos. maybe next time your boys will be able to join you.

  2. I love ALL the shots!!! Sayang nga hindi nakasama sila Leon and Luis! Next time ulit =)