Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Chronicles of Nar-cissus: Chapter 2 - LPPCHEA Bonanza

Chapter 2: LPPCHEA Bonanza

Maia and I agreed to visit LPPCHEA on Thursday, October 27.  To make sure I didn't have to use the mugshot of a certain birder to gain entry (name withheld, hehehe), I secured a permit at the LPPCHEA office along North Avenue. The following day, Maia and I, along with Mark Jason Villa, whom I just met, went to LPPCHEA. Our main targets for the day were the NFC and the Chinese Egret.  I felt that Mark being a professional bird guide increased our chances dramatically.

Aided by Dan's detailed directions, we scoured the wooded area on the right of Pond 1.  We saw and heard a number of birds, the most significant of which were: an Oriental/Himalayan Cuckoo and a Blue and White Flycatcher.

Oriental/Himalayan Cuckoo

Blue and White Flycatcher, #257

We circled the pond and soon we were back where we started.  We decided to look at the beach area instead. Here Mark's spotting scope really helped a lot.  We saw several waders, three of which were lifers for me namely, Marsh Sandpiper, Bar-tailed Godwit, and Sanderling.    

Bar-tailed Godwit, #259 (258 is the Marsh Sandpiper. Unfortunately, no photos).

Just as we were about to leave the beach, an Egret landed a bit further and Mark who was looking through his scope blurted, Chinese! But it was so far. Still it's lifer #261 and one of our primary targets for the day.
Docu shot of a Chinese Egret, # 261, with photobombers (Terek Sandpiper and Bar-tailed Godwit)

After sometime, we went back to the forest area on the right of Pond 1 to look for the Narcissus one more time.  But as again we failed to see it...

On the bright side, we did see more than thirty species, five of which were lifers for me. 

Pero bigo pa rin kay Narci...

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