Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Chronicles of Nar-cissus: Chapter 4 - A Gift from God

Chapter 4 - A Gift from God

I should mention here that there was a sighting of a male NFC at the Baclaran Church grounds on Friday afternoon.  A photo was posted in the WBPP page on Friday night, Oct 28.  

On Sunday, October 30th, the day after our bittersweet BK sortie, while downloading the photos, I was browsing through FB.  I came upon a post by Mark that he went to Baclaran church to check out the male NFC.  But he did not see it.  Later that day, Dong Gales also posted that he waited for it but he also did not see it.  But since Baclaran seemed the only chance left for me, I resolved that I will visit the place either on October 31st or November 1st.

On October 31st, we went to Kawit to pay our respects to our departed relatives from my wife's side of the family. When we reached my in-laws house, I took out my cellphone and I saw a message from Maia alerting me to the fact that Steve Albano and Win Paler saw and photographed the male Narcissus in the Baclaran church grounds. She also sent me Steve's detailed directions.  I immediately asked Lorna, (my dear wife), what time we were going to visit the cemetery.  She said 5-ish. I said, can I go birding?  She said okay... and without further ado, I was off to Baclaran. 

I left Kawit at 2:09 and was parked at the Roxas Blvd service road by 2:35pm.  I walked to the church compound and found myself in the small courtyard in no time (Thank you Steve!). I walked on the path slowly and when I reached the semi-circular area, the bird was there on one of the concrete benches. My camera was still in my backpack. I froze. The bird transferred to another perch. I slowly unslung the bag, got the camera, slung the bag again, and started firing away, handheld.  Fortunately, the bird stayed a bit and allowed me several decent captures.

Presenting the male Narcissus Flycatcher.

Thank you Lord for making such a beautiful creature!  

After getting several photos, the bird disappeared as if to say, you have enough.  I walked to the Church and thanked the Lord for all HIS Blessing including but not limited to the beautiful bird I just saw.  

Afterwards, I went to Siniringan Cafe and had a cup to celebrate my good fortune. Before i left, I took one last look at the courtyard and saw the bird again but it was time for me to go.  

Mission accomplished. Again, thank you Lord!


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